Art Director at Apple

Since 2010, I've been an Art Director at Apple. My first project was to create a digital publishing tool called iBooks Author. It's an awesome application that creates beautiful books for iPad. I designed everything from templates to actual textbooks for the launch. Following that, I was part of the Apple News launch team, building the app from scratch, including UI/UX, template design, and more. During this time, I also spent years fine-tuning and relaunching the iWork applications for iOS, MacOS and iCloud. There are many more applications I've worked on, but you'll have to wait and see what those are. 

New Gig

As of November 2010, I'm working a new gig in Silicon Valley. MAKE was fantastic, and now it's time to do other fantastic things elsewhere. I'll be posting less work now, so this site is more of an archive up until 2010. When I do something new, I'll post it for sure, but it'll be sporadic at best. 

Latest & Greatest: MAKE Special Issue

Right on the heels of MAKE: Volume 24, we produced a special issue for MAKE, the Ultimate Workshop + Tool Guide. Large format, new design, and an exclusive cover and photo feature on Adam Savage (of Mythbusters) and his awesome new workshop in San Francisco. The highlight of the issue was hanging out with Adam in his new space on a quiet Sunday afternoon. Every object around has a story, and usually it's hilarious. Adam's a born Maker, a great guy, and a true talent. 

Latest issue, Volume 24: SPACE, is out!

Our latest and greatest issue is out now. In the special section, I designed a new grid to accommodate more, shorter editorial pieces within the same space – not an easy feat in a magazine with a tiny trim size. But it worked great! Here is the section opener (inspired by old Soviet-era space ephemera) and a sample spread. 

Recent Work for MAKE

Over in the Portfolio section of the site, I'm posting some recent (and not-so-recent) work I've done for MAKE. Check out the ever-growing example of MAKE design – we've been busy! 

Make: Projects Update

While Make: Projects still in Beta, it's been refined and tweaked and is now launched for all to see. Have a look at the latest news on our blog for a full review of what went into it. And take a look at the latest version of the site, and go build something while you're at it.

Make: Volume 23 Finished

We just finished printing the latest issue of Make: Magazine, Volume 23, which is all about gadgets. Check out the fancy use of day-glo ink on the cover to illuminate Adam Koford's clever little mosquitoes. The day-glo looks way better on the newsstand, so do us a favor and go get yourself a copy. You'll thank me later.  

New Site Design in Beta - Make: Projects

Make: Magazine's newest venture, Make: Projects, has launched in beta this weekend, just in time for Maker Faire 2010. It's a collaborative online site devoted to DIY projects of all kinds, just like Make: Magazine. I designed the main site, along with the help of the great team at, who developed all of the technology behind the amazing Wiki-based site. Stay tuned for more developments, updates, and tweaks as the site gets tested during Maker Faire, and beyond.

Make: magazine Website Redesign In-Progress, New for Vol. 22

Today we've launched a few new pages on our website,, showing readers the beginning of our efforts to better reflect the print magazine online. 

Take a look at the landing page here. You'll find a nice new home for each volume of the magazine, complete with a promotional video showing off featured content, access to online projects, and more.

The new single volume page offers a more dynamic take on the previous "current volume" page, giving readers access to downloads, extras, and additional content, along with a complete Table of Contents. 

Our new "Other Issues" page reveals a complete gallery of all covers of Make: magazine, with summaries and clickable links to each issue. 

It's the first step in our complete redesign of the website. More cool sneak peaks coming soon. 



Make: Volume 22 on newsstands

We just completed our issue dedicated to remote control projects. On the cover, a remote-controlled lawnmower. How's that for a life made easier by technology? Start making one in time for summer!

Wired Anniversary Visualization

Somehow I missed this when it ran back in the June 2008 issue of Wired. The cool research scientists over at IBM's Visual Communication Lab, Fernanda Viégas and Martin Wattenberg, created a custom algorithm to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Wired. The results are beautiful – a page in the issue, and a poster too. On their web page, they demonstrate the technique using 3 of my cover designs as examples. How cool!

Spy Magazine Cover Gallery

My first "real" job was an internship at SPY magazine, back in the late 1980s. Upon graduation, I joined the staff as an art director, and got to work with some legends: B.W. Honeycutt, Kurt Andersen, Graydon Carter, Tom Phillips, as well as some legends in the making, like Christiaan Kuypers and Michael Hainey (hi guys). It was the best job I've ever had – it taught me pretty much everything I know about editorial design, journalism, and most of all, humor. 
Kurt has posted a nice little slideshow of the SPY covers. I worked on a bunch of the later ones. 

Craft redesign launched

In 2009, we stopped printing Craft: magazine and took it all online. The challenge was how to recreate the magazine experience online, and offer readers even more great content. With the help of our editor, Natalie Zee Drieu, designer Katie Wilson, web manager Tatia Wieland-Garcia, managing editor Shawn Connally, and a great staff of writers and editors, I think we nailed it. I'm proud of the overall design, and couldn't have done it without everyone's contribution of ideas and content.

Here's a sample of the final design, without ads and pre-html. 

Craftzine home page

Makers Market Launched

With a logo design by Boon and creative direction by yours truly, the new Makers Market site launched on 02/11/2010. Built through a collaboration between Make: Magazine and Ryan and Randy at Supercorp, it's a curated marketplace of science, tech and artistic creations sold by Makers from around the world. Take a look!

Makers Market home page